Toko online web editor is a cross-browser compatible software

HTML web content editor CMS brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word

  • Bundled with FREE sample

    Bundled with FREE sample

    Create, edit and maintain online content using just a browser.

  • Separate Content From Layout

    Separate Content From Layout

    The look of your site is independent of the content on it.



    WYSIWYG Editor or Text Editor mode

  • No components needed

    No components needed

    Only multi-browser friendly HTML generated using PHP script.

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste

    Copy / Paste from other applications like MS WORD.

  • Multi Users Support

    Multi Users Support

    Different users can edit different areas on the same page.


“Finaly a multi language visual CMS editor that is fully Customized, most important, one purchase gives you the ability of installing the software on as many servers/domains as you like and that with no extra licensing fee”

Toko web content management supports multiple authors with different access and view privileges so allowing website owners to have different people contributing to one site simultaneously. Toko definition and management is simple and is done via editing Pre-defined areas on any web page without any need for programming skills. The editor is fully customizable, no DB required. Best of all in the installation package we bundled up some samples to show you how to edit and maintain online content using just a browser.




Main features

  • WYSIWYG Editor or Text Editor mode.
  • Separate Content From Layout With Toko content editor your user will focus just on content updates. The look of your site is independent of the content on it.
  • Multi Area support defining several edit areas on your html page is easy and fast.
  • Multi Users Support different users can edit different areas on the same page. With Toko content editor your users will see only their own edit areas.
  • Language Support Toko content editor support all the known languages. In the Arabic and Hebrew languages the alignment is automatically to the right.
  • Edit area limitation each edit area can be limited in length. This will prevent users from destroying the site’s look.
  • Multi-site support Toko content editor supports an unlimited number of sites which enables you to deploy dynamic and self contained sites which operate independently of each other and co-exist on the same server.
  • No need to download components only multi-browser friendly HTML generated using PHP script.
  • Toko content editor Comes with Text editor interface and equipped with easy and quick toolbar.
  • Copy / Paste from other applications like MS WORD.
  • Upload authorized files types and size from your computer
  • Security is our main goal each user will see only his own files and directories.
  • Compact Size installation Small footprint The application takes only(!) 200kb of disk space (LITE content management).
  • Bundled with FREE sample to show you how to create, edit and maintain online content using just a browser.
  • Toko content editor comes with Extensive Documentation on setting up & customizing the editor so you can easily integrate the editor into your existing web content management system.

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How does it work

Toko online content editor is very effective cms. It brings together numerous, powerful features that can be combined to help you manage the content of a site or sites with multiple administrators with a single minimal installation on your server.

Toko content editor is based on the concept of edit areas, which means that in order to edit a page, you place special Toko tags in your html pages (see example of the right). This will have no effect on your page look (html/xml..etc). The browser will consider these tags as a remark.

<!– <tokoeditarea> –>

Example of Toko Edit area.
Put this Opening and Closing tags in your html (within the body tags).

Note: You may put as many tags as you need.

<!– </tokoeditarea> –>

Why Edit Areas?

Your users are not designers: Our experience shows that often a page is ruined by users with extra edit freedom.

Users tend to become creative and end up with appalling pages with variety of colors and bad font matching. Those are usually the outcome of users unfamiliar with html.

Toko content editor is giving you the ability to control the level of freedom you give your users.

Toko help your users to focus only on content.

Why Us?

Why you should choose us?

In appose to similar products

  • Toko Can be integrated in a blink with any existing web site.
  • Toko requires no Database, which makes it simple to integrate.
  • This is a unique cms product that supports multi areas. Which means that you may define several edit areas on a web page to be edited by different users.
  • Toko supports all the known languages, with special support for right to left languages (Hebrew / Arabic).
  • With Toko you can change your GUI language + Error Messages + Look and fill in 3 simple steps.


Toko web page editor is built for non technical users.

It is simple to install.

And above all it is affordable.

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English Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Basque Bulgarian Byelorussian Catalan Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese Hong-Kong Traditional Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English

Esperanto Estonian Faroese Finnish French Galician German Greek Hebrew Hungarian

Icelandic Inuit Irish Italian Japanese Korean Lapp Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian

Maltese Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Scottish

Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian utf

System Requirements

  • Server : Linux, Unix, Windows and any other operating system that supports php
  • Php 5 or higher (php 4.3.3 or higher for the free version)
  • Client : IE, Firefox , Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Camino

Upgrade the toko content management system

Do you own a previous version of Toko Content Editor (visual, gold)? All owners of the previous version of Toko Content Editor cms (version : 2.0, 2.5 ) are entitled to a FREE upgrade of their purchased product.

For any question Email us , specifying your order number and email address used when ordering. After verifying, we will send you the package.

  • Toko is very flexible and a joy to integrate into websites for easy-to-use content management.
  • Toko turned out to be the application I had spent years searching for. It makes it easy for my customers to manage their own content without having to learn anything about web publishing or confusing CMS programs. Thank the Maker!
  • ...I can't say enough about the program. everything works flawlessly, server load is minimal, the php is clean and elegant. Once in a long, long while we find something as well-written, supported and secured as your program, and believe me we have waded through hundreds of services and apps.
    Mike Bekst
    - Perch lanset programs

We've got the perfect software


Yearly plan for Toko Gold


With Toko gold you may use it on all pages in one domain (Limited to one website).



Yearly plan for Toko Gold Special


With Toko gold you may use it on all pages in as many domains as needed (no limitation).

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